Our Philosophy

When technique and quality give you emotions you can eat . . .

Ingredients are the key to obtain excellent products, which is why in VirtualBakery
we DO NOT use industrial half-processed products, ready-made mixes, additives and enhancers, artificial flavours or preservatives.
We don't like any of this.

WE USE high-quality carefully selected ingredients, when possible from local sources and organic. We process those ingredients with the use of advanced equipment and modern processing techniques that respect the integrity of these precious ingredients, enhancing them to the maximum. We really, truly like this.

You know what else? We also like using Mother Yeast, and we called ours o "Giorgino", which, like a child, must be looked after with care and fed at least 3 times a day. We care so much about Giorgino that we have completely dedicated a temperature-controlled "cradle" in which he can rest for the night at a constant temperature of 18°C. Spoilt little Yeast!!

Do you know what sets us apart? It's the passionate conviction that every product has to be qualitatively perfect to reach your table.
That's why we taste every ingredient.

Do you know what we do every day? Every day we refine our technique, test new ingredients, and, experiment with new recipes to obtain better products.
The next day we try again, even more passionate than before!

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