Who We Are

Love is what drives our work...

This is the story of a young couple from Syracuse, Giovanni and Giovanna. They decided to follow their passion in order to make their dream come true: by entering the beautiful world of cooking, they decided to begin this new adventure and start their new career.

The journey began with studying in the best cooking schools in Italy. Giovanni deepened the study of Bread Making, which he was so passionate about, in a school of excellence, ALMA in Colorno, founded by the Chef of Chefs Gualtiero Marchesi, under the aegis of a Master of the calibre of Ezio Marinato, Bread World Champion.

Giovanni stood out as the best in his class.

Giovanna perfected her knowledge of pastry with an exceptional Master, Davide Malizia (World Champion of Artistic Sugar in 2008 and Sucre d'Or in 2020) in his Aromacademy in Rome.
Giovanna also distinguished herself and graduated as first in her class.

Following their passion, and with a pinch of healthy madness, Giovanni and Giovanna in 2019 founded Virtual Bakery, an innovative project that looks to the future of pastry and baking.

It is Virtual because it does not have a physical point of sale, but all the products can be chosen and purchased through our virtual showcase and received comfortably at home in a few days..

It is Bakery Bakery because this English word merges both pastry and bread making. You will be able to find #SOLOVEREBONTÀ ranging from sweet to savoury to make you hungry in every moment of the day.

We are only at the beginning of this fantastic journey, driven by passion, love for quality and excellent ingredients. The destination is still far away, but you know... the journey is the best part!

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